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Get ready to groove to the electrifying beats of Afro sensation Bongi Archi as he drops his debut EP, 'Hupenyu Impilo Pt. 1,' on Friday, October 13, 2023.


Bongi Archi is the next big thing in the Afro music scene, and you definitely don't want to miss out on the summer vibes he's bringing!


Bongi Archi's musical journey took an exhilarating turn when he teamed up with the visionary producer Howie Combrink. "It was a blast," Bongi Archi enthuses. "My producer Howie Combrink is a genius. I said I wanted to dive into Afro sounds, and he said, 'Let’s do it!'"


This magical collaboration birthed the EP's lead track, 'Luva,' setting the stage for an EP that promises to be a musical rollercoaster.


'Hupenyu Impilo Pt. 1' is a three-track masterpiece, each song a pulsating journey of its own:


‘Luva’: A soulful anthem celebrating the love of your life, 'Luva' is a heart-warming declaration that will leave you swaying to its irresistible rhythm.


‘Maximum’: Prepare to be swept away by the infectious energy of ‘Maximum’. This track is all about living life to the fullest, breaking limits, and embracing positivity with open arms.


‘Jonga’: ‘Jonga’ is a testament to resilience and progress. It's a call to never give up on your dreams, featuring soulful trumpets by Neil Engel and Howie Combrink's electrifying guitar melodies.


Ask Bongi Archi his favourite track on the EP, and he'll tell you it's 'Luva.' It holds a special place in his heart as his first foray into Afro music.



The themes of 'Hupenyu Impilo Pt. 1' revolve around the essence of life itself. Bongi Archi's music reminds us to seize every moment, live life to the fullest, and spread love and kindness like wildfire.


Symbolism is artfully woven throughout the EP, with each track serving as a vibrant representation of different aspects of life, love, and positivity.


Get ready to witness 'Hupenyu Impilo Pt. 1' go global, reaching the ears of music lovers who appreciate sensational beats and unforgettable melodies. Bongi Archi aims to bring good vibes to every corner of the world.


Wondering why 'Hupenyu Impilo' is split into two parts? Bongi Archi's Management team emphasise that it's a strategic move to ensure you savour every note of his music over time. Rest assured, there's more musical magic in store!


Bongi Archi wants his fans to know that 'Hupenyu Impilo Pt. 1' represents his embrace of his African heritage and continent, spreading positivity and good vibes with every note.


So, when you press play on 'Hupenyu Impilo Pt. 1' this summer, get ready to wake up, feel the inspiration, and know that you've got this thing called life. Live, laugh, and love, attracting nothing but positive vibes.


Join the Afro sensation Bongi Archi on his journey to become the soundtrack of your summer! Don't miss out on this musical revolution.


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